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Topics :

The conference topics will include :

  1. development of experimental creep techniques and setups,
  2. microstructural characterisation of crept material
  3. simulation and modelling at different scales (continuum mechanics, dislocation dynamics, phase transformations, atomistic interactions),
  4. creep behaviour and deformation mechanisms,
  5. damage and fracture, creep – fatigue interactions.

It will concern a large range of materials :

  1. Metals and alloys : steels and iron based alloys, Ni and Co based superalloys,   Intermetallics and light alloys (Ti, Zr …)
  2. Ultra high temperature materials : silicides, ceramics,
  3. Metal Matrix and Ceramic Matrix Composites

Conference Organization

Chairman :
Bernard Viguier (Toulouse, France)

International committee
F. Abe (Japan), L. Cornish (South Africa), A. Dlouhy (Czech Republic),
G. Eggeler (Germany), U. Glatzel (Germany), H. Harada (Japan),
R.W. Hayes (USA), M. Heilmaier (Germany), M. Kamaraj (India),
M. Kassner (USA), K. Kimura (Japan), K. Maruyama (Japan),
M. J. Mills (USA), P. Panfilov (Russia), S. Spigarelli (Italy), B. Viguier
(France), B. Wilshire (UK), A. Yawny (Argentina), Z. Yue (China)

Important dates

March 2014 :  Submission opening (a half page abstract)
November 30, 2014 :  Deadline for the abstract submission
January 2015 :  Notification of acceptance, Registration opening.

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