Environmental Sensors 2012

Anglet - France, September 23- 28, 2012


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on May 31, 2012
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The 2012 “Environmental Sensors” Conference is the first one, based on a Gordon Research Conference style format. Its goal of this highl-level meeting is to bring together scientists with new ideas with respect to environmental sensors (biological, chemical, and physical sensors), their resistance to biofouling and incorporation into instrument packages. The different topics will be related to nutrients, passive sensors, pH and carbon parameters, biofouling, soluble gases, optical sensing, biosensors, dynamic sensors, metal speciation and coupling physical, chemical and biological sensors in a package. Speakers and presiders will have to highlight the crosscutting significance of these grand challenges by identifying innovative and significant research on diverse aspects of environmental sensors.

3 poster sessions will be organised to give opportunity for participants to present their own scientific work.

The conference belongs to the “programme” “Instrumentation and Environment Sensors” of the Foundation STAE (Toulouse).

It will be located at the Résidence Belambra in Anglet (close to Biarritz, Pays Basque – France)

Chairs: Philippe Behra (chair), George W. Luther III and Bernhard Wehrli (vice-chairs)
LCA secretary: Isabelle Bauviès

More information : environmental_sensors2012@inp-toulouse.fr