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Dernière mise à jour : 19 décember, 2017

Programme scientifique

  • Single phase mixing, from turbulent to laminar flow
  • Analysis of mixing using advanced measurement techniques
  • Gas-liquid mixing applications
  • Solid-liquid mixing
  • Liquid-liquid mixing
  • Mixing of products high viscosity and complex rheology
  • Mixing in reactive flows 
  • Mixing in novel equipment types
  • Simulations and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  •  Heat transfer and mixing

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Toutes les communications orales bénéficierons de 20 mn (15 minutes de présentation + 5 minutes de questions)


Keynote speakers

Prof. Giuseppina Montante, University of Bologna, Italy
"Turbulent solid-liquid mixing: challenges moving from dilute to dense suspensions"

Giuseppina Montante is Full Professor of Chemical Engineering of the Department of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna. She joined the University of Bologna in 2000 after graduating in Chemical Engineering cum laude and obtaining her PhD from the University of Palermo. During and just after the doctorate, she carried out research activity at the "Experimental and Computational Laboratory for the Analysis of Turbulence", King's College London (UK). 
She is Italian delegate and Chairman of the Awards Committee of the EFCE Working Party on Mixing since 2014, member of the Editorial Board of The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering from 2013 to 2017 and of Chemical Engineering Research and Design since 2017. She was the recipient of the 2006 edition of the Young Researcher Award in Mixing. 
The research activity is mainly concerned with the experimental analysis and the modelling of chemical, biochemical and process industry equipment, with a particular focus on turbulent multiphase systems. Research efforts have been devoted to the development and application of advanced experimental techniques (Particle Image Velocimetry, Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Electrical Resistance Tomography) and Computational Fluid Dynamics methods for the characterization and the prediction of single and multiphase flows in different process equipment, with the broader range of investigations concerning stirred tanks and static mixers. She authored over 100 papers published on international journals and international conferences proceedings.

Dr. Andrea Ducci, University College London, UK
"Flow and mixing dynamics across different bioreactor platforms"

Andrea Ducci is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of UCL, deputy-chair of the IChemE Fluid Mixing Process Subject Group and UK-delegate of the EFCE Working Party on Mixing. He graduated in Aerospace Engineering in the University of Pisa in 1999, and received his PhD from King’s College London in 2004. His research expertise lies in fluid and mixing dynamics and is applied to a broad range of flows of fundamental, industrial and healthcare relevance. The core of his research addresses the flow and mixing aspects in chemical and biochemical reactors, where a multi-scale approach is employed towards the creation of advanced engineering tools for improved scaling up/down strategies. A thorough understanding of the complex phenomena and interaction occurring between the flow/mixing scales and the growing cells is central to the future design and control of biological systems, and crucial to deliver impacts in the biopharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Dr. Richard Grenville, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd., USA
"Blending in oil storage tanks with side-entering agitators"

Richard Grenville is Director of Mixing Technology at Philadelphia Mixing Solutions and has over 30 years of experience in the field of mixing.
He studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham in the UK, graduating in 1983, and started work as an Applications Engineer for Chemineer Ltd. sizing agitators and static mixers in response to customers’ inquiries.
After a brief period working as a Process Engineer at Unilever Research he went to work at the Fluid Mixing Processes consortium, which is managed by the British Hydromechanics Research Group, as a Project Engineer.  His main area of research was mixing of non-Newtonian fluids.  He also registered as a graduate student at Cranfield Institute of Technology and received his PhD in 1992.
In 1991 Richard joined DuPont as a mixing consultant in the Engineering department and worked on a wide variety of projects to manufacture, among others, fluorochemicals and polymers, various agricultural chemicals, water borne paint and fermentations.  The last major project he worked on before leaving DuPont was the design of agitators for the Cellulosic Ethanol plant currently being commissioned in Nevada, IA.
In 2013 Richard joined Philadelphia Mixing Solutions as Director of Mixing Technology where he is responsible for developing solutions for customers’ mixing problems which may include lab-scale testing and scale-up.
Richard co-teaches courses on mixing at Rowan University in New Jersey and at the University of Delaware, is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a Senior Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
He is the recipient of the 2017 NAMF Award which is presented by the North American Mixing Forum for excellence and sustained contributions to mixing research and practice.

Prof. Matthias Kraume, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
"Drop size distributions in stirred multiphase systems

Matthias Kraume is full professor, Chair of Chemical and Process Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and a PhD at the University of Dortmund. Following this he worked at BASF AG, Ludwigshafen as a Research Engineer for nine years before joining the Technical University of Berlin in 1994.
Prof. Kraume’s research fields are diverse, covering transport phenomena in multiphase systems, reaction engineering, membrane processes and biological processes. He is author of two text books and more than 400 journal articles and publications.

Prof. François Bertrand, École Polytechique de Montréal
"Combined Use of Simulation and Experimentation for Better Understanding Solid-Liquid Mixing"

François Bertrand has been a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering of Polytechnique Montreal since 2000 and was the Chair of this department from 2013 to 2016. He is currently Research, Innovation and International Officer at Polytechnique Montreal. He completed his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (France) in 1995. His expertise relates to the dynamics of fluids and solids in chemical engineering processes, with an emphasis on mixing, and to the modeling of transport phenomena in fluid, granular and multiphase systems. He has authored more than 150 papers, and the originality and relevance of his work have been recognized worldwide with 35 invited presentations at international conferences and in the industry.
François Bertrand is a professional engineer and a member of OIQ. He was the treasurer of the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering (CSChE), the member of the organizing committees and treasurer for the 50th CSChE Annual Meeting (Montreal, 2000) and the 8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (Montreal, 2009). He is also an officer of the Executive Council of the North American Mixing Forum. He was the Chair of the Mixing XXV Conference held in Quebec City in 2016.
François Bertrand received in 2010 the “Prix de l’Enseignement” for his excellence in teaching, a prestigious award that Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal bestows upon one of its professors every year.