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Bienvenue à Toulouse en 2018 !


10 years ago, the first International Congress on Green Process Engineering took place in Toulouse, France. 10 years is a milestone and after 5 other editions in different countries around the world, it is a great pleasure to invite you back to Toulouse for the 6th International Congress on Green Process Engineering.

10 years has seen green process engineering (GPE) concepts in both education and research be vastly implemented. Education programs dedicated to GPE have appeared in many universities with courses covering numerous aspects, ranging from chemistry to new process technologies. In research, many groups have re-oriented their investigation paths in order to propose new solutions, including both environmentally friendly processes and economical aspects. Indeed, green process engineering is now an essential topic in most of general chemical engineering conferences and specific international journals have appeared, compiling all articles relevant to this area.

10 years has also been sufficient to evaluate the progress carried out in industries due to the implementation of new process technologies.

The 6th International Congress on Green Process Engineering will be an excellent opportunity to present and discuss the progress and latest advances in the area, as well as to network in order to build the new industry, the factory of the future!

We would love to see you in Toulouse !

Martine Poux & Patrick Cognet
Chairpersons of GPE congresses series