1st International Congress on Green Process Engineering
Toulouse - France, 24 - 26 April 2007



Keynote lectures, paper and poster contributions will cover the following topics :

Sustainable and clean technologies

• Ultrasonic processes
• Microwave assisted processes
• Electrochemical processes
• Catalysis and reaction engineering (New catalysts and applications - Biocatalysis, artificial enzymes)
• Photochemical processes

New reaction media, green solvents in chemical processes

• Water as a solvant for chemical syntheses
• Supercritical fluids (CO2)
• Ionic liquids
• Organized molecular systems (Micelles, Microemulsions, Vesicles, Dendrimers)
• Solvent-free chemical systems

Innovative process design

• Experimental design
• Optimal design
• Intensification (mini, micro devices)
• Multifunctional reactors
• Micro-structured reactors
• Heat exchanger/reactors
• Reaction/separation coupling (Membrane reactors, Adsorptive reactors, Reactive distillation, Reactive extraction)

Cleaner production

Safety and Risk management

• Process safety
• Inherently safer process solutions
• Assessment and evaluation of hazard and risk
• Environmental risks

Biomass Pyrolysis and Gasification for Fuels and Chemical Products

• Thermal and catalytic processes
• Reactor technologies
• Product optimization, characterization, stabilization and applications
• Industrial applications for the production of fuels, fine chemicals, flavoring agents and pharmaceuticals

New tools for Green Chemical Engineering Education and operator training