The conference is dedicated to the following topics:
    • Separation of dispersed phases from liquid (including decantation and thickening in gravity settlers and thickeners, cake and clarifying filtration in vacuum and pressure filters,; centrifugal separations in filtering or sedimenting centrifuges and hydro-cyclones, solid-liquid expression, liquid-liquid and solid-liquid extractions,; flotation for emulsions and suspensions, adsorption)
    • Separation of dispersed phases from gas (including separations in fiber filters, electrostatic precipitators, cyclones and wet scrubbers, emission reduction)
    • Membrane separation (including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and pervaporation)

    • Characterization of particles, suspensions, aerosols and porous media (including particle size analysis and counting, microscopic examination and image processing, pore size analysis, surface and interfacial properties, resistance to flow and performance measurements, determination of ability to a separation such as filterability or settleability)
    • Predicting and monitoring of separations (including computer modeling, imaging, process monitoring, testing and validation, suspensions, emulsions and mists characterization, from nanoparticles to agglomerates)
    • Technical developments in filter media (e.g. woven and non-woven media, membranes, composite and renewable media, filter aids)
    • Processes intensification and innovative technologies (field assisted: electrical, magnetic, acoustic, vibrational methods in separation processes and in pre-treatment/post-treatment operations, bio- and chemical enhancement of coagulation and flocculation, advances and combined processes and equipment)
    • Pre-treatment, post-treatment and related processes and techniques (e.g. crystallization, coagulation and flocculation, coalescence, washing, drying)
    • Product related filtration and separation applications (in, for example, water, waste water and sludge treatment, chemical and related industries, mining and mineral industry, paper making, biotechnologies and food processing, pharmaceutical and health, nuclear industry, textile, iron and steel, surfactants, cosmetics and perfumes, electronics, automotive systems, clean room technology)



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