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Conference Scope

The main topics at FDFC2015 will address fuel cells and electrolysers, ranging from fundamentals of electrochemistry to systems operation. Recent advances in materials, single cells, stacks and system development, as well as fuel cell diagnosis, power processing and control, characterisation of MEA, will be also presented during the conference. The three-day technical conference will consist of invited lectures, selected lectures and posters.

The following topics will be addressed:Fuel Cell & Electrolysis Technologies:

- Components, Materials and Design
- Modelling, Control and Optimization
- Systems, Balance of Plant and Integration
- Diagnosis, Prognosis, durability and Lifetime Improvement
- Hydrogen Storage
- Microbial Fuel Cells

Applications - Integration of Fuel Cells & H2 in:

- Clean Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles
- Energy Efficient- Buildings and CHP
- Portable Applications, Back-Up Power, Light Traction and Auxiliary Power Units
- Storage of Renewable Energy (Systems, H2 Infrastructure)
- Environmental Impact, Safety, Markets and Policy Issues