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Phone: +33(0)5 34 32 31 12 / 19
Email: eustas_stevia7@inp-toulouse.fr


Organising Committee

Jan Gueuns (Chairman)

Lionel Alletto
Claire Barbet-Massin
Leslie Bedos
Monique Berger
Jean Daydé
Simon Giuliano
Joël Perret

Scientific Committee

Monique Berger
(Dr, Plant Physiology and Genetics, Lab. Agrophysiology, EI-Purpan, Toulouse, France)
Jean Daydé
(Pr, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Director of Research, EI-Purpan, Toulouse, France)
Jan Geuns
(Pr, Laboratory of Functional Biology, K.U.Leuven, Belgium)
Joel Perret
(Pr, Stevia Natura’s CEO, Riom, France)
Ursula Wölver-Riek
(Dr, Institute of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Univ. Bonn, Germany)