Development Of Ceramics 3D printing & Additive manufacturing
DOC 3D Ceram

High-value ceramics are widely utilised in high-end engineering disciplines due to their low density, outstanding mechanical strength alongside with their excellent thermal, corrosion and wear resistance for aerospace, and medical applications.

However, conventional manufacturing techniques are time-consuming and show several limitations, such as geometrical variation induced by the shrinkage during sintering and low material yield, alongside with high tool wear during milling and machining. As of today, these drawbacks impede the industrial utilisation of these ceramic materials for a growing range of engineering and medical disciplines.

To tackle this problem, Development of Ceramic 3D printing & Additive manufacturing will train a new generation of Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) to develop the whole value chain of ceramics 3D printing from elaborating feedstock to testing in products for commercialisation.