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O. Marques Speeding up the Computation of the Interpolation Operator in an Algebraic Multigrid Solver
L. Michel Derivative-free optimization by model-free control approach
D. Titley-Peloquin The componentwise symmetric backward error for sparse
symmetric systems of equations
J. Demmel Communication avoiding algorithms for linear algebra and beyond
E. Ng An update on greedy ordering heuristics
J. Langou Improving the communication lower bounds for matrix-matrix multiplication
A. Pothen The Virtual Scalpel: real-time matrix computations and finite elements for surgery
M. Faverge Blocking strategy optimizations for sparse direct linear solver
on heterogeneous architectures
T. Davis Sparse SVD, and a GPU-accelerated sparse QR
J. Scott Incomplete factorization preconditioners for large sparse least squares problems
F. Lopez Task-based multifrontal QR solver for GPU-accelerated multicore architectures
M. Tuma Algebraic preconditioning of symmetric indefinite systems
J. Eaton Programming techniques for sparse linear algebra on GPUs
R. Dolbeau Exploiting new CPU architectural features for sparse algorithms
P. Vezolle OpenPower and IBM Exascale hybrid architecture overview
and benefits for sparse matrices


R. Bisseling Edge-based graph partitioning
P. Knight Using matrix scaling to identify block structure
B. Uçar Two approximation algorithms for bipartite matching on multicore architectures
S. Rennich GPU acceleration of sparse Cholesky factorization
J. Hogg Practical manycore pivoting
S.G. Pudov Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.3 Inspector-Executor Sparse BLAS API for iterative computations
O. Kaya Scalable sparse tensor decompositions in distributed memory systems
K. Nakajima Parallel multigrid solvers on multicore cluster architectures
S. Solovyev Parallel implementation of multifrontal hierarchically semi-separable solver
for 3D Helmholtz problem
L. N. Vicente Direct search based on deterministic and probabilistic descent
P. Toint Evaluation complexity in constrained and unconstrained nonlinear optimization
Y. Nesterov Complexity bounds for primal-dual methods minimizing
the model of objective function


Y. Notay Multilevel solution of linear systems with graph Laplacian matrices
J. Rommes Challenges in numerical simulation of electrical circuits
D. Sorensen A DEIM induced CUR factorization
C. Ashcraft Separability, partitions and coverings
E. Darve Fast multipole method and hierarchical matrices
S. Li Hierarchically parallel algorithms for linear systems with data-sparse (sub)matrices
G. Martinsson Accelerating direct solvers using randomized methods
W. Schilders Model order reduction for coupled problems using low rank approximations
V.P. Il'In Parallel approaches of domain decomposition methods on the basis
of low-rank matrix approximation


M. Gander Five decades of time parallel time integration
A. Sameh A scalable parallel algorithm for large sparse symmetric eigenvalue problems
G. Meurant On the convergence of the Arnoldi process for computing eigenvalues
Y. Zhang Block algorithms in an augmented Rayleigh-Ritz framework for large-scale exterior eigenpair computation



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