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CONFERENCE - Sparse days in St Girons III

Saint Girons , June 29th - July 2nd, 2015

In July 1994, a meeting was held in St Girons, Ariege, to launch the CERFACS International Linear Algebra Year. It was such a success that a second Sparse Days at St Girons was held in June 2003 and it was felt that it was appropriate to schedule the central event of the CIMI semester, Sparse days in St Girons III, in the same location.

The conference is organized by IRIT and CERFACS researchers with an international management committee comprising general chairs
James Demmel (University of Berkeley),
Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee),
Iain Duff (RAL and CERFACS-IRIT common lab), and
Patrick Amestoy (INPT-IRIT).
The local organizer chair is Pierre-Henri Cros (IRIT).

In any large-scale numerical computation in the context of large, complex and hierarchical computers, one has to understand the algorithmic choices that have to be made. In this context, both sparse linear algebra kernels together with dense linear kernels are the key to enable other numerical libraries in the software stack to achieve high computational efficiency.
The focus of the conference in St Girons will be on these kernel topics although there will be dedicated sessions on optimization and on the themes of the four workshops of the CIMI semester: - Low-rank approximations for high performance sparse solvers
- Innovative clustering methods for large graphs and block methods
- Parallel methods for time dependent problems
- Advances in optimization with application to data assimilation

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