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Events of the semester:

 Sparse Days in St Girons III, June 29th - July 2nd 2015 is an international conference
and will be the central event of the semester.
Conference general chairs: James Demmel (University of Berkeley), Jack Dongarra
(University of Tennessee), Iain Duff (RAL and CERFACS-IRIT joint lab), and
Patrick Amestoy (INPT-IRIT). Local organizer chair Pierre-Henri Cros (IRIT).

 In Toulouse at ENSEEIHT, a large audience conference by Jack Dongarra (CIMI advisory board member) and Satoshi Matsuoka on July 2nd 2015 :
Current trends for high performance computing and challenges for the future


1. Low-rank approximations for high performance sparse solvers
Toulouse, June 24th - June 26th 2015
Local organizers: Alfredo Buttari (CNRS-IRIT) and David Titley-Peloquin (CERFACS-IRIT joint lab)

2. Innovative clustering methods for large graphs and block methods
Toulouse, July 6th - July 8th 2015
Local organizers: Sandrine Mouysset (UPS-IRIT) and Daniel Ruiz (INPT-IRIT).

3. Parallel methods for time dependent problems
Toulouse, January 11th-12th 2016
Local organizers: Xavier Vasseur (CERFACS-IRIT joint lab) and Serge Gratton (CERFACS-IRIT joint lab)

4. Advances in optimization with application to data assimilation
Toulouse, January 13th-15th 2016
Local organizers: Serge Gratton (CERFACS-IRIT joint lab) and Ehouarn Simon (INPT-IRIT)






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