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Welcome to Toulouse in 2017!

The International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (ISCM) invites you to attend Bioceramics 29, the 29th Symposium and Annual Meeting of ISCM, from October 25th to 27th, 2017.

This edition of Bioceramics will be held in the historically-rich city of Toulouse, the largest city in southern France and appealing by its historical background but also exceptional scenic location, centrally located between the Mediterranean sea, Atlantic ocean and Pyrenées mountains. It can be easily accessed by plane from any major European city and is well connected to the train and highway networks. In the middle of an agricultural area, the development of Toulouse is strongly linked to airplane and space industries, which have driven the creation of several high level schools and have conferred to the city some intellectual and cultural attractiveness (Toulouse is the place of two Nobel prizes in chemistry (Paul Sabatier) and economics (Jean Tirole)). Regarding bioceramics and bone implants, several companies are installed in the Toulouse area which benefits of an extended local industrial network as well as top-level hospitals and clinics.

Bioceramics 29 will be an opportunity for researchers, clinicians, industrials and students to share and learn about the exciting domain of ceramics for medical applications.
This 29th edition will provide an open forum in the field of bioceramics and related biomaterials and their medical applications. Some of the main objectives of Bioceramics 29 will be:

  • to expose recent advances made in the fields of synthesis, characterization, processing and evaluation of bioceramic-based systems, including from a clinical point of view,
  • to identify the remaining barriers for clinical progresses,
  • to discuss regulation aspects,
  • to develop novel strategies based on bioceramics in the fields of regenerative medicine, drug delivery, cell therapy, medical diagnosis, …

The participation of students will be strongly encouraged in the whole course of the conference. Also, participants will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition of companies directly established in the bioceramics field.
Thank you to help us promote the Bioceramics 29 Conference in your networks and contacts throughout the world!