Toulouse • France

3 - 7 July,2011

XIX EuCheMS International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry


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on November 23, 2009
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Invitation to attend the XIX EuCOMC in Toulouse


We would like to announce the XIX EuCHEMS Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (EuCOMC), hosted from July 3 to 7, 2011, on the Campus of the Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse.

The EuCOMC is the major conference on organometallic chemistry at the European level, organized under the auspices of EuCheMS (the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences), and more specifically the Division of Organometallic Chemistry of such organization.  It follows the 18th conference which took place on 22-25 June 2009 in Göteborg (Sweden). This series of conferences continues the series formerly known as FECHEM Conference of Organometallic Chemistry (see history of previous conferences), the first edition of which took place in 1976 near Warsaw. It takes place every two years. It is our great honour to be assigned the chore of the Conference organization for 2011.

The EuCOMC has a reputation for excellent scientific presentation and discussion. Similar in scope to the international series ICOMC, it is attended by the leading scientists in the field of Organometallic Chemistry from all member countries of EuCheMS but also attracts numerous delegates from all over the World. It will bring together leading chemists to exchange and present the latest important developments in the field. Distinguished speakers who have already agreed to participate in the XIX EuCOMC include Holger Braunschweig, David Cole-Hamilton, Antonio Echavarren, Odile Eisenstein, Tobin Marks, David Milstein, and Maurizio Peruzzini. With approximately 300 expected delegates, the meeting is large enough to span all facets of organometallic chemistry and its interfaces with other disciplines, but at the same time small enough to retain an attractive intimacy.

The Program will feature Plenary Lectures, Invited Lectures, Oral Communications and Poster presentations. They include all modern advances and new trends in organometallic Chemistry:

Organometallic chemistry with transition metals, lanthanides, main group elements.

  1. Activation and functionalization of small molecules.
  2. Organometallic catalysis, enantioselective catalysis.
  3. Metal-mediated organic synthesis, new synthetic methods, cascade reactions.
  4. Catalysis and organometallics for green chemistry, energy, and sustainable development.
  5. Computational and physical methods, mechanistic studies.
  6. Metal- and heteroatom-based molecular organometallics for materials.
  7. Polymers and polymerisation.
  8. Bioorganometallic chemistry in biology and medicine.
  9. Self-assembly and supramolecular chemistry involving organometallic skeletons.
  10. Industrial organometallic chemistry.

We cordially invite you to come to Toulouse and participate to this conference.  With your support and participation, the Conference will be even more successful! We are convinced that your experience in Toulouse will be rewarding not only from the scientific point of view, but also because of the attractive location. Toulouse is one of the largest cities in France and one of the World capitals of the air and space industry. Ideally situated in the heart of Southern France, between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, the cosmopolitan and enthusiastic Ville Rose joyously mixes heritage and lifestyle, great cultural events and festival pleasures. At the same time modern and proud of the legacy of its past, open and radiant, you are bound to be seduced by the incomparable Toulousain lifestyle, coupled with the wealth of its cultural heritage. Your stay in Toulouse will certainly be a time of great pleasure.

We look forward to personally welcoming you at the XIX EuCOMC in July 2011.

Cordially yours,

Philippe Kalck and Rinaldo Poli
(conference co-chairs)